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NodeConf EU 2022 Writeup

Visiting was a blast. Notes, Links and Inspirations we took from the conf.
Image credit: www.nodeconf.eu

Visiting was a blast. Notes, links and impressions from this years NodeConf EU.

General Theme:

  • Fastify is awesome
  • the 20/80 rule
  • node core development hype: stay up-to-date on updates and upgrade


General Notes:

  • Web Assembly is the cool kid
  • ”Promises always fix callback issues"
  • "Javascript gets slower every time you modify an object”
    • Object freezing is shallow
    • Cool proposal in progress: Touples#[] and Records #{}
  • AbortSignal and setTimeout make things slower

People and Corps:

  • Matteo Collina: Involved in many things, now build his own framework with platformatic.io
  • Zakodium: Cool startup building open source tools for universities
  • Bloomberg Engineering: Big sponsor, talked to some folks
  • Nearform: Organiser of the event, does many open source things
  • Naugtur.pl: Cool guy with cool presentation who talked about Lavamoat
  • fusebit.io: multi tenant saas platform

Travel Learnings:

  • Check out if a travel power adapter might be needed
  • Be aware of the local timezone when making train bookings
  • Print out all travel documents and have them in an easily reachable compartment of your bagpack